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  • Mar 21, 2018
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[State-Owned Business]

Brassieres without wires . . . “Bralettes,” the latest underwear trend

The most popular underwear for women is the underwire bra. This is because wires are thought to support chest shape and suppleness. However, wires can disrupt proper blood circulation and may also cause indigestion and esophagitis.

As a result, bralettes are gaining popularity as a huge new trend in women’s lingerie and replacing the traditional brassiere. Bralettes minimize pressure by removing the burdensome pads and wires of traditional bras. Most of the popular products sold in Korea are either imported or copies of other designs.

Awarded the “Highest-Quality Innovation Brand in Seoul” prize in 2017 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Small and Medium Business Support Agency (SBA) director Joo Hyeong-cheol, COMFORT LAB is gaining attention as the only company specializing in in-house production of its own brand.

COMFORT LAB removes the uncomfortable elements of the traditional bra—wire, the band, and the hook—but combines the chest support and fashion sense of bras in its bralette, which is well suited to Korean body types. 

Considering that affordability is essential for everyday necessities such as underwear, the company maintains low prices through dedicated production factories. Meanwhile, COMFORT LAB’s representative product, the Goddess Bra, was selected the “High Innovative Product Brand” prize in Seoul in 2017. The company is also a branch of SBA’s Sales Program at “WeMap High Seoul Shop,” and sales are on the rise due to enthusiastic responses from consumers. It plans to diversify its shopping mall and make inroads into offline markets by joining SBA’s marketing support project in February.

Reporter: Tae Hyunji

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